Paulo Sznaider

Web Designer & Developer

About me


My name is Paulo, I am a developer currently living in Curitiba, Brazil. I have more than 5 years of experience working with web development as full-stack, but I'm going to confess I enjoy the front-end side of the force a little bit more.

At work, I've worked with more consolidated, enterprise-oriented tech stacks like Java & JSP. At home, I like to fiddle with modern web technologies, such as ES6, React, Vue.js, Sass, LESS, to name a few.

Some random facts

I like:

  •  Spicy food

    Chimichurri Mustard is the best sauce ever, hands down.

  •  Coffee

    Black, no sugar.

  •  Basketball

    Go Lakers! (despite not doing so well right now, though)

  •  Gaming

    Witcher 3 is the best RPG ever made. Yes, above 90's JRPGs too.


This website

My own portfolio website, which you are seeing right now. Technologies it uses includes Gatsby to ease up some of the development,  React for generating the views & components, Sass for organized CSS (BEM to the rescue!), and Netlify to automate its deployments.

Auriga UI

A dark grayscale UI theme for the Atom text editor.

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